Sherri G., Whitney Young Alumna


For Sherri, going to school was her job. Mom was a nurse. Dad worked at the bank. Sherri went to school.  Homework and class attendance were not optional.  A former student of Skinner Elementary School, and high school graduate of Whitney Young Magnet High School, Sherri now studies English Literature at Washington University in St. Louis.  


“My parents were really supportive of me,” she says regarding her career plans.  “When I said that I wanted to be a writer I expected them to tell me that it was a bad idea, but they helped me figure out the best way to make my goals a reality.”

Although Sherri’s parents always stressed the importance of doing well in school, they didn’t limit their emphasis to academics; Extracurricular activities were important too.

“Extracurricular programs were a big deal to my parents. They always wanted me to have something else to do besides school work.” As a result, Sherry was often involved in sports, music, and art outside of school. She believes that being able to balance school work with additional activities prepared her to work while in college, and will help her manage her time in her future career.

Looking back on her time in the CPS system, she considers herself fortunate. “Not all of my teachers were great, but I got to go to a lot of great schools. My parents were able to help me with my homework and prepare me for entrance exams. I also had external academic support and I definitely think that it helped me get where I am today.”