Edith P., Irving Park

Edith is the mother of three students enrolled at CICS-Irving Park, a public charter school. When her oldest child was at the age to be enrolled in kindergarten, Edith started to gather information about her school options. 

“My neighborhood has a public school and a private school. At the time, the neighborhood public school was not an option because it wasn’t well rated—it was getting a C average by the state.”

Edith initially took a tour of another CICS campus, West Belden. The curriculum, and school environment really impressed her. She applied, but found out her son was placed on the waitlist. A few weeks later she received a letter from the same organization, CICS, saying that there was available space at their Irving Park campus which was actually a little closer to her home.

“No regrets, I don’t look back now. Irving Park was a good choice for us. We took a chance, because it was a new school opening, but it really did meet our expectations,” says Edith. 


Edith knows how overwhelming the search process can be. And she recognizes that there are a lot of parents who may not be able to sift through all of the information available, but she still implores parents to do their research before choosing a school. Charter schools are a choice for families—another option for families. This is all about choice. “You don’t have to go to your neighborhood school if there are better options just around the corner from you. If you ask parents how far they come from to go to Irving Park, some come from as far as East Chicago, Indiana, because their local school is not an option for them,” she says.