Chicago Voices

Sheryl D., South Shore


Sheryl D., has lived in Chicago since 1972, and is the mother of one daughter and one son. Both her daughter, Sherri, and son Stephen were students of Skinner Elementary School and Whitney Young Magnet High School.  

Stephen recently graduated from Georgetown with a masters in Finance and her daughter is entering her final year in college. Ever since her children were young, Sheryl took every opportunity to expand their minds. From trips to the museum to playing BrainQuest on the car ride homes, she did her best to ensure that her kids would be ready to excel in the classroom. 


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Natalie N., West Side

nneris-edited.jpg“The only difference between me and everyone else on my block [growing up] is that I went to class every day. That’s it. We have the same lived experiences, I just went to class every day,” says Natalie N. 

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Michael N., South Chicago


Michael N., a native Chicagoan and former CPS student, is the proud father of Carson a 4th grade student at CICS-Avalon, a charter public school on the south side of Chicago. Before discovering CICS-Avalon, at the New Schools Expo at Soldier Field, Michael and his family looked at the neighborhood traditional school when their son was about to start kindergarten, but didn’t feel that the environment was right for their son. 


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Brandon H., Lawndale Alumnus


Brandon H. was the student with a lot on his plate. He balanced school with National Honor Society, Louder Than a Bomb competition, Mikva Challenge, student government, policy debate, and the entrepreneurship club to name a few. His extracurricular activities in high school not only helped him achieve academically—he was valedictorian and earned a Posse Scholarship—but also helped him to excel in college and life. 


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