Austin Weekly News Plugs Kids First Chicago Enrollment Workshops

Nonprofit puts school choice into parents' hands

By Lee Edwards, Austin Weekly News

For many Chicago parents, deciding which school best fits their children's academic path begins with elementary and high school instead of post-secondary options. Enter Kids First Chicago, a nonprofit that offers families consultation on how to find the best educational options for their children.

Jade Jenkins, a native of Los Angeles, joined Kid First's as a community organizer after teaching sixth grade literacy and English & Language Arts and eighth grade humanities and English & Language Arts at KIPP Create College Prep in Austin for three years. She likened Chicago Public School's school enrollment to the process she undertook applying for colleges for her undergraduate degree — and one that she said parents and families simply don't have adequate enough time to pursue in detail.

"We feel that the system of choice in Chicago needs to be reformed and make sure that students have streamlined information to make the best situation for their education," said Jenkins, on Kids First's mission.

"Every school has its own application process, timeline, and more so for parents from Austin and in neighborhoods where parents are working long hours it's hard for parents to access this information," she said.

The nonprofit considers a child's environment, structure, curriculum, extracurricular activities, preference, and more during face-to-face consultations with parents. Currently, workshops are being offered to parents free of charge.

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